International Conference on
Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction

It is our thesis that formal elegance is
a prerequisite to efficient implementation.
-- Gérard Huet

FSCD is a new conference that will include all research of the inter-related formal areas of researchers in formal structures for computation and deduction in general, and in particular all subjects that were previously covered by the RTA and TLCA conferences.

The name of the new conference comes from an unpublished but important book by Gérard Huet that has been a strong influence on many researchers in our area. We are grateful to Gérard for allowing us to reuse the name.

We look very much forward to serve the scientific community with this new conference, which inherits as well as updates and modernizes the scope of the conferences it replaces. The call for papers for the next FSCD, below, give further details on the subjects of the conference.

Upcoming Conferences

Previous Conferences

Up until 2015, the subject matter of FSCD was covered by

Steering Committee

FSCD is governed by a steering committee as set out in the FSCD Rules of Business (PDF).
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Code of Conduct

The open exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression are central to the values and goals of FSCD. They require an environment that recognises the inherent worth of every person and group. They flourish in communities that foster mutual understanding and embrace diversity. For these reasons, and as an ACM In cooperation conference, FSCD is committed to providing a harassment-free conference experience.